How to stop sweating
in different situations

Sweating is a completely natural bodily function but there are some situations when you’d really rather not

Sweating is a completely natural bodily function but there are some situations when you’d really rather not. We surveyed the nation and found that, more than half (55%) of you said sweating makes you feel uncomfortable and two in five (41%) said it makes you feel embarrassed.

To help you keep calm and dry in sweaty situations we’ve pulled together a handy guide with tips and tailored anti-perspirant product recommendations. 

The findings revealed you’re not just sweating it out at the gym, you’re also getting into sweaty situations whilst shopping, in job interviews and eating spicy foods too.

Top 10 sweaty situations revealed:

1.    Gym (46%)
2.    Dancing at a party/ on a night out (45%)
3.    Job interview (43%)
4.    Presenting in front of people (38%)
5.    Walking (38%)
6.    Eating spicy food (29%)
7.    Travelling on the tube (24%)
8.    Shopping (23%)
9.    Weddings (16%)
10.    First date (15%)

Here’s our practical guide on how to sweat less in three sweaty situations.

Survey: Independent OnePoll survey conducted on behalf of Triple Dry, 2000 respondents (May 2014)

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How to sweat less at a job interview

How to sweat less at a job interview

The last thing you want to worry about in a job interview is sweat soaking through your professional, calm demeanor, however, times of stress can increase sweat production. Take active steps to decrease your anxiety such as relaxation techniques and breathing exercises.

Step away from the Starbucks. That coffee you bought to give you a caffeine kick forfr your interview, is also a sweat trigger. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, activating sweat glands making you more likely to perspire so you might want to save that latte for later.

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How to sweat less at the gym

Regular gym go-ers will understand the perspiration politics of working out. If you don’t break a sweat then people will start to wonder whether you are really pushing yourself hard enough, yet sweating excessively on shared gym equipment can cause a stir too. The good news is that sports brands have really upped their game for workout gear in recent years so breathable fabrics are more readily available. When buying your workout wardrobe look for garment labels that say that the fabric is breathable and will wick away moisture.

A healthy juice doesn’t just look good on your Instagram feed, it could be key to helping to manage your sweat levels too. Tomato juice has been shown to help the body release toxins and sweat less so you might want to treat yourself to a bottle of the good stuff before your workout.

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How to sweat less at the gym
How to sweat less on a first date

How to sweat less on a first date

More than a third (39%) of you told us that sweating makes you feel unattractive, so when you want to be looking your best, the last thing you want to worry about is sweating.

First date nerves can be one of the main causes of sweating, so try some relaxation techniques to keep your calm before you meet.

If you’re planning a romantic meal for your first date then make your menu choices wisely. Eating hot and spicy foods will make your body react as if it is in a hot environment, which means more sweat, so avoid dishes that may make you feel hot under the collar. Also, go easy on the seasoning. Consuming large amounts of salt can trigger sweat as your body tries to get rid of the excess sodium.

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