sweat solved

Sweat Solved

Sweating is the body's way of moderating internal temperature. Sweat − salt water − is secreted from pores in the skin and then evaporated from the surface of the skin. This process of evaporation radiates energy away from the skin, cooling the body down.

Sweat in itself doesn't actually smell. Body odour is caused by the waste products of bacteria that are found naturally on the skin, which thrive in humid sweaty environments, hence odour being more noticeable under the arms.


Proven 72 hour protection against heavy perspiration and odour.

Why Triple Dry works

Triple Dry contains a blend of three highly efficacious active ingredients – this formula works to reduce the volume of sweat that is produced whilst fighting the bacteria that causes odour for 72hrs from application.

With this advanced formula and because the body’s temperature varies each day in a cycle called the circadian rhythm, Triple Dry is best when applied at night as your skin is more receptive to an anti-perspirant while sleeping.

The facts speak for themselves

Here’s how Triple Dry users rate it against other products:

•          Compared to other sticks: 56% better

•          Compared to other aerosols: 61% better

•          Compared to other roll-ons: 61% better

Independent blind in-use consumer tests on heavy perspirers.

Performance results v. users’ current brands.

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Triple Dry