How to stop sweating
and keep your cool in the city

Sweating is a completely natural bodily

When temperatures start to soar, the heat in the city can become unbearable. High rise buildings stifle the air flow and concrete pavements and structures emit heat, meaning the thermometer rises higher in the city than in rural areas.

Going about your daily business in the summer months can leave you hot, bothered and sweating in your office attire. Keeping cool can be a challenge, which is why the experts at Triple Dry have compiled a guide to help you reduce sweating and take you from city sweater to city slicker in five simple steps:

Man at the tube station
High performance


Extreme temperatures call for extreme protection. Avoid sweat patches by reaching for a high performance anti-perspirant that will keep you protected around the clock. Anti-perspirant specialists Triple Dry offer the ultimate protection, clinically proven to keep you sweat-free for up to 72 hours, making light work of the daily 9 to 5.


Sweating increases your skin’s natural oil production meaning that a sweating brow on your morning commute can lead to an oily complexion for the remainder of the day, leaving you feeling unclean and disheveled. Keep a pack of blotting papers to hand to absorb any excess oil from the t-zone and eliminate shine.

Take the shine off
Cool to the core


Lowering your core temperature is key to keeping your cool in warmer weather and helping to prevent sweating. Fill a stainless-steel water bottle with cold water and ice to sip on when you get hot. It will stay cool for a surprising amount of time and the bottle itself can double as a face and neck cooler.


When the weather is as hot outside as it is inside, an open office window means that any breeze offers little in the way of cooling. Keep a water spray on your desk for spritzing your face, neck and any bare skin on your arms and legs. As the water evaporates from your skin, it helps alleviate some of the warmth. Keep your water spray in the fridge for an even cooler sensation. Opt for an aerosol can with a fine mist and it will also act as a setting spray to keep your make-up in place.

Water spray
Rash Hour


High temperatures and sweating can lead to heat rash, with an itching feeling and sometimes red bumps on the skin. Heat rashes occur when sweat glands are blocked and sweat cannot get to the skin’s surface to evaporate. Wearing loose clothing which allows the air to circulate over the skin’s surface can help to relieve itching and discomfort.